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By: Mike Adkinson

This cluster of city islands (ArmaLido) is one of the most “character-rich” places in a state which is home to an above average share of some of the most capable people on the planet.  I am in awe each time I have opportunity to see, meet and interact with some of the very special people who reside here.

I had the pleasure of revisiting the positive features of this community today as I moved around and interacted with many locals.  My task was to place small yard signs in support of an initiative designed to bring attention to the efforts which intend to help maintain our neighborhoods.

I could labor long at this keyboard in attempt to express my thoughts about how lucky we are to be a part of this community but I stop with these words. This is a very special place. It will not last forever. But I believe it is noble to even try to help hold-the-course for those who follow next behind.

With that said – I move on. My association president (Chris Goglia) asked that I help by assisting local residents to host a yard sign to promote our common cause. In doing so, I was blown away by the friendliness and hospitality of many. I placed over 20 signs and I so enjoyed the conversations along the way.  I plan to post more comments later to share some of the stories learned today.

To stay up with the progress of this community effort, please see the Herald Tribune piece at:

Also, please go to to review all the background related to this neighborhood condition.

Regards to all

By: Mike Adkinson

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