How to sign-up for ArmaLido on Nextdoor?

Nextdoor works best if you download the App

To download Nextdoor on you device click the following links:

For Apple Devices : Download Nextdoor on iPhone

For Android Devices : Download Nextdoor on Android

  1. Once Nextdoor has been downloaded to your device click Open the App
  2. You should see a sign-up/log-in page
    If you do not have a Nextdoor account click the button that reads:
    “Join your Neighborhood” and fill out your information
  3. If you already have a Nextdoor account click on the button that reads:
    “Log in” and log-in with your information
  4. In order to join the ArmaLido neighborhood of Nexdoor you must have an adress pertaining to the area.
  5. Once logged in you are able to introduce yourelf to the neighborhood, join local groups and stay informed about your neighborhood.
  6. Follow these INTRUCTIONS to join our Community group
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