How to stay informed with ArmaLido community but not receive from other communities?

Having too much unwanted Feed on your Home Page can become very frustrating, here are some simple steps you can take to reduce congestion:

Make you sure you are logged-in through your Nextdoor App on your device.

Open your Nextdoor App

1. At the bottom right of your screen you should be able to see 3 dots […]

2. Click on the 3 dots, and a list of options will appear

3. Scrolling all the way to the bottom you will see a “Settings” option

4. Click on the “Settings” option, and another set of options will appear, one of the firsts ways to reduce unwanted feed is by changing your “Feed Preferences”

5. Look for the option labeled as “Feed Preferences” and click on it

6. Once you have opened your “Feed Preferences”, a list of options will appear

7. One of the preferences you can turn OFF by clicking the green button on the right of each preference is “Show posts beyond nearby”
turning OFF this option will remove any posts that do not pertain to ArmaLido and the nearby neighborhoods you follow, for example any posts from another state.

8. The next set of preferences you can turn OFF are any posts made from the platform Nextdoor itself
For example “Weather”
Turning off all the options in this set will NOT affect any posts made from your ArmaLido neighbors

10. Another option to reduce unwanted feed is by turning off any posts from other “Nearby Neighborhoods”
Going  back to step # 5, along with the set of options on this page, there is an option labeled as “Nearby Neighborhoods”

11. Once you click on that option, a list of nearby neighborhoods will appear
On this list of options you can select which neighborhoods you would like to see posts from and which  neighborhoods you would like your public posts to be viewed by, once again by turning all of these options OFF you will still be able to see posts from ArmaLido
For example if you do not want to see any posts from the neighborhood of Longboat, you can turn this option OFF

And there you have it!
You can always go back to these “Settings” and change them as you see necessary for your preference

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