Welcome to ACC!

ArmaLido Community Conversations (ACC)


This is a new speaker and discussion program serving to connect residents and provide meaningful conversations based on information relevant to our community. This is the only speaker program which strives to connect residents from each neighborhood within this island community and all content is focused on the trends and conditions of these islands.
During the months of November - April, the ACC program introduces speakers at the Fellowship Hall of St. Armands Key Lutheran Church (SKALC). Each meeting accommodates 80 local community residents who have interest in learning and discussing forward-thinking concepts, trends which may influence change, and potential future plans.
Attendees have reserved seating at one of 10 round table discussion groups where they exchange ideas about the future impact of facts and observations made by speakers. They also provide questions and comments which will extend to the online forum for the benefit of other community members.  Each round table will be supported by two Community Hosts who will guide and summarize group discussions.

To register for a meeting, head over to the "Meetings" tab, click on the your meeting of choice and RSVP. 
Invited speakers fully understand the need to focus their delivery directly onto the trends and interests of this island based community. The speakers are selected based on confidence that each is fully qualified to inform local residents of current conditions and future expectations for change. 

Topics will include on-going and expected research trends related to quality of air, water, wildlife and estuaries surrounding these barrier islands. Experts will provide trends and forecasts related to real estate and local association leaders will review known future plans for redevelopment issues in the foreseeable future. Leaders from regional, county and city government will provide their views and plans relative to changes which might reside on the horizon for ArmaLido Community. 
Meetings will begin at 10:00 and will adjourn at 11:30.
These presentations and discussions help to insure local neighborhoods are in touch with trends while also building and strengthening relationships throughout ArmaLido neighborhoods.