Steven Cover, Planning Director for City of Sarasota

This collection of stores, parks and art has evolved from the visions of John & Mable Ringling and has changed over the years. Some people have encouraged upgrades and changes while others prefer to keep everything as it is today. The absence of an existing comprehensive plan for the future is serving to open the doors for new ideas and that’s exactly what is starting to take place.

Major changes to St Armands Circle has impact on all residents of the city islands therefore sounds of new concepts serve to ignite local conversational interest in substantial ways.

At regular City Commission meeting on May 17th, JMW Management presented a concept describing a boutique hotel and grocery store which was far beyond the scope of any proposals of recent years. The potential concept attracted a few residents who spoke out to challenge the soundness of the idea.

Commissioners voted 4/1 in favor by directing the city attorney to develop guidelines for the process in order to determine the hurdles which might lie ahead.

On May 20th Gavin Meshad agreed to share the concept with the public through video interviews. With Meschad’s consent to move forward, arrangements were made to understand the scope of the full process through meeting with Steven Cover, Planning Director for City of Sarasota.

This video provides the views and big picture approach as understood on May 24, 2021.

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