Short Term Rental Ordinance


City has placed Short Term Rental Ordinance on Agenda for April 6th.

Much work has been done on this local ordinance and it has been well coordinated with the lessons learned from other towns and cities of this region. The draft ordinance package is good and it is fair.  It comes up for a vote again on April 6th and we should  be certain that  our commissioners are strong, informed and committed to the goal of building and maintaining strong communities.

For reasons not yet fully understood, Mayor Brody is fond of quoting and reusing false information provided to him by Notoriously Unscrupulous Investors (NUI), while refusing to ask for the honest version of reality from his more experienced elected peers who lead and manage the city of Anna Maria. Unfortunately, Commissioners Erik Arroyo and Kyle Battie have been acting based on their assumption that Mayor Brody was distributing true and correct information.

Get the background on this topic by reviewing the issues produced solely for the benefit of those who care the most about this island community. Please review it often because it is being updated as needed. (Thanks Chris Goglia)



This city ordinance was last voted on Feb 3th and the results were:

City Commissioners who voted YES   (in support of strong neighborhoods)

  • Liz Alpert  –
    • (941) 954-4115
  • Jen Ahearn-Koch
    • (941)954-4115

City Commissioners who voted     NO     (against the will of the people)

  • Mayor Hagen Brody
    • (941)954-4115
  • Vice Mayor Erik Arroyo
    • (941)954-4115
  • Kyle Battie
    • (941)954-4115

It has become apparent that some of the commissioners lean far across the lines of fairness so to position themselves with NUI’s (pronounced “newies”), who want to destroy the communities of this great city.  We all need to say thanks to those who support strong communities and to assist with the need for continued education for those who are not being loyal to our neighborhoods.

When you drill down into public records to learn who has volunteered to toss in with these NUI’s in order to make a fast buck off the unprotected neighborhoods, Centennial Bank shows up as the lending institution. Yes, this is the bank who knowingly has provided millions of dollars for the expressed purpose of building commercial enterprises right in the heart of our city neighborhoods. Know anyone there?

Please review the information at, place an appointment on your personal calendar for April 6th at 6:00pm and help us with the need to inform and secure the support we all need from Mayor Hagen Brody.

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