Video Reports

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Susan Davis

There are many features which help to make make ArmaLido a great place to live but none of those features being as much pleasure as do the quality and character of the local residents.  This brief video is another example of neighborly sharing of insights and perspectives within our neighborhood.…

Gavin Meshad, JMW Management – Q & A

After the presentation at city commission meeting and the concept talk provided here to all members a few days ago, we reached out to collect questions from the community. Many thanks to Lenny Owens for the significant effort he and his wife made to helping to round up good questions.…

Jerry Wells

Jerry Wells is a long time resident and he has been very active in the community. He became known to many people throughout the city when he ran for District 2 City Commissioner last year. He is a supporter of growth after good planning.

Cmmr Jen Ahearn-Koch, June 9th, 2021

Commissioner Comments
Partly because Cmmr Jen has supported the ArmaLido community so many times over the years and partly because she is so energetically involved with many critical topics, we invite her to provide views following each commission meeting. She touches on a wide variety of topics here and she makes us…

Cmmr Liz Alpert – June 9th, 2021

Commissioner Comments
Following each city commission meeting we are pleased to obtain an update from our District 2 Commissioner and she provides her views of decisions to approve the rezoning request relative to the seventy unit residential building which is being planned for Lido Beach.

Denis Bischoff –

IDenis Bischoff is president of Lido Shores Association and a very active member of the city barrier island community. He is always ready to step forward to engage with his members and with the entire community at large.

Jim Norton

Jim Norton is a very admired gentleman who has significant experiences as a developer and businessman. We are most fortunate to have him and his family as a part of this community. His views about the exceptional opportunity which is now available to our city leaders provides special perspective for…

Corky Wennberg

Corky is never short on ideas and during this brief visit, she had lots to say about importance of considering the concepts of many developers rather than just one. She also explains why our thinking needs to expand and maybe consider the original vision of John Ringling along with maybe…

Carl Shoffstall – President of Lido Key Residence Association

Carl Shoffstall, pres. of Lido Key Residence Association, is a long time resident who has helped the community in many ways over the years. Lido Beach is THE beach for the city of Sarasota and he has aided many struggles for needed maintenance and improvements over the years. He, like…

Gavin Meshad – JMW Development

Gavin and his father, John Meshad, are partnering with others to propose a plan that would convert the Fillmore parking lot into a small hotel with grocery store and townhouses. In this meeting, Gavin provided visual support for the concept and he spoke to the various features of the plan.…

Ed Rosenblum – Real Estate Development

Ed Rosenblum digs into the foundation of what our city planners decided years ago as a means of helping to keep us all on a sound track of development. He raises some very important questions about critical factors which will need to be evaluated and resolved. He also strongly agrees…

Jon Donell – Former Vice President of Dell Webb Sun Cities

Jon Donnell, former president of Dell Webb Sun Cities, has developed residential projects all around the USA and he is a highly regarded member of the barrier island community. We called on him to offer comments and he provided interesting points for consideration. He points out several factors which need…

Steven Cover, Planning Director for City of Sarasota

This collection of stores, parks and art has evolved from the visions of John & Mable Ringling and has changed over the years. Some people have encouraged upgrades and changes while others prefer to keep everything as it is today. The absence of an existing comprehensive plan for the future…

Cmmr Liz Alpert – May 19th, 2021

Commissioner Comments
Liz provides her perspective of the proposal being made by developers for potential hotel in St. Armands Circle.

Cmmr Jen Ahearn-Koch – May 19th, 2021

Commissioner Comments
This week, during the Commissioner Comments zoom interview, Jen Ahearn-Koch mentioned a bill that is of importance to the community. The CS/HB 403 Home-based Businesses Bill made it through the legislative process this month and is awaiting to be submitted to the Governor. Cmmr Ahearn-Koch stresses the importance of being…