ArmaLido - The City-Island Neighborhoods of Sarasota

Safe, happy, healthy and fun neighborhoods are the end results of many good things coming together.  Those factors include the people who live there, those who visit, those who maintain and those who provide support services. The harmony between all of these provides the mojo to make neighborhoods attractive and desirable.

County and city governments ensure the services needed to provide safety, security, education and a sanitary environment. The tax assessor ensures that all residents are contributing members.

Home Owner (or Residential) Associations are state regulated organizations which are operated by volunteers and generally they serve local residents who volunteer to be members.

Within the residential communities there are a wide variety of interests and in most cases, many of those interests can be best served when there are enough people involved so to create and maintain forward motion. In a nutshell, this means leadership, organization and communications.

The purpose of is to deliver a support service to local groups who want to enjoy their interests but they don’t want to invent the wheel all over again. There are many varied interests and there are many people who are willing to roll up their selves and to help create forward motion, but they lack for a way to get it started (get the word out) and to deliver the communications needed to help keep the ball rolling. These small groups are important because they are key to the quality of life within the households and neighborhoods. is totally and completely loyal to each of the local HOA or Residential Owner Associations. This loyalty has been demonstrated many many times. The services of is focused on positive support for positive people who are creating or enjoying activities which are fun and enjoyed by others within the community.

Any local community aligned group is invited to use this service as a means of creating awareness of the group. A few starter groups can be found here now and a few more will be added. This web site is not created for business purposes and there are no costs to any group for use of this service. More management structure will emerge as the need might warrant but at this time, we are launching with very little structure, no fees and darn few rules.

If you live, work or play on these Sarasota city islands and if you will act responsibly towards assisting locals to participate in activities which add to their quality of life, then reach out and volunteer to help this little island-based community to rise to an even higher level.

As this site is being prepared for full launch and site development is continuing to happen on a very part time basis, we invite any and all comments and/or questions about and we will create a Questions and Answers section to help direct our efforts and communications.


Mike Adkinson

[email protected]