Ladies Group Introduction

The ArmaLido Ladies Social Group is a social organization composed of women who reside full or part time within the islands which compose the ArmaLido community. These islands are: St Armands Key, Lido Key, Bird Key, Coon Key and Lido Shores.

These women meet monthly on the first Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm and their focus is on the development and maintenance of friendships. serves this group by maintaining their membership list, photo gallery, delivering the group messages. The following questions and answers are here only to better explain the role and purpose of this group within the ArmaLido community.

Q - How many members are in this group? 
A - The group mailing list has just over 100 women. Attendance varies but mid season might see 75 members while off season might have fewer than 25 members.

Q - How long has this group been around?
A - Since this is purely a volunteer group, there are no records to support their history but some of the more senior members estimate the group was formed around year 2000.

Q - Dues or fees for membership?
A - This is not a registered organization (nor association) so membership is truly casual.  Women who reside on these islands are members if they say they are members and it ends there. This group is totally focused on a fun and social agenda. They participate because they enjoy helping ArmaLido to be a fun and friendly community of people. There are no membership fees involved.

Q - When does this group meet?
A - They meet on the first Wednesday of each month and the group coordinator serves the group by maintaining the list of all who want to receive the email messages of the group.

Q - Do they have speakers at the meetings?
A - The meetings are very casual and the purpose of the meetings is to meet and enjoy knowing others who live and enjoy socializing here on the ArmaLido islands. New members are introduced and announcements are made but there is no planned program.

Q - What are the fees or charges for attendance at these meetings?
A - There are no membership nor attendance fees. Each person is responsible for her own tab there are no other costs involved.  The hosting restaurant frequently provides a special drink and/or food item at special pricing.

Q - Why are photos taken at these meetings?
A - The photos are sometimes used as a part of the reminder message for the upcoming monthly meetings and they are posted here to assist members to learn each other and to become more acquainted.

Q - How do local women add their names to the monthly reminder email message?
A - Send email message to: <[email protected]>

Changes, additions and suggestions related to the above should be sent to group coordinator - Mari Lynn Cheatham, <[email protected]> or text message to: 404-520-8739