SEQ Introduction

There are many fun neighborhoods within the islands which make up the complete ArmaLido Community and this is only one of those many neighborhoods or groups.

This one, the Southeastern Quadrant neighborhood group, is geographically defined by being within one of four major residential sections which compose the key named St Armands.  The four residential quadrants were designed to be very similar yet each is also unique and different. The SE Quadrant is composed of about 50 single residential homes.

A couple of residents initiated an experiment in Feb 2023 and it produced a very positive outcome. These resident members selected a time and location for a “neighborhood block party”, wrote a note of invitation asking residents to join them and to bring along a nibble to share. They made copies of the note and delivered them door to door.

The neighborhood responded with smiles and positive interest. They came out, had a grand event and expressed interest in a repeat. So word went out again and just 30 days later the second gathering was again viewed as a great success.

More events are now in the planning for this fun and energetic neighborhood. The enthusiasm and interest of this group had a positive influence on the activation of this web page.